Booz Allen Hamilton’s Amazon Web Services Premier Partnership

Since the program’s inception, Booz Allen Hamilton has served as one of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partners. As AWS and cloud evolved, Booz Allen has always been seen as a trusted partner delivering results that endure.

The move to cloud is happening now, but Booz Allen has been providing AWS solutions for over a decade as an Amazon Premier (APN) Consulting Partner. APN Consulting Partners help customers of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. Booz Allen has made significant investments to provide exceptional service and cloud solutions to our clients. This relationship has resulted in several outstanding benefits for both partners including joint investment in training and client opportunities; staff development, joint Proof of Concepts (POCs), and joint sales pipeline.

Booz Allen’s experience in implementing AWS solutions is punctuated by our staff. We have built a technical staff that have the highest available AWS certifications – Certified Architects, Solution Architect Pros, and DevOps Pro. It is our talented software engineers that help us stay on the leading edge of cloud solutions.

Our security partnership with AWS is noteworthy. Booz Allen is the only third party integrator to be allowed to tour AWS data centers and review the security plan for AWS. We also conducted a thorough review of the AWS FedRAMP package. Booz Allen has also engaged with numerous AWS clients to conduct their respective security review and independent certification and accreditation (C&A).

AWS Security Partnership

Booz Allen is committed to providing clients with cloud security architecture that complies with security policies, protects against advanced threats, and integrates with an organization’s overall cyber security and IT modernization strategies. We are proud to partner with AWS in support of this mission. Our unique security partnership with AWS allows us to provide closely tailored solutions to clients that take into account the dynamic nature of cybersecurity, ensuring that our clients are both protected and prepared against security threats.

As part of our partnership with AWS, Booz Allen offers Virtual Cloud Defense (VCD), which is a complete, scalable security architecture suite that integrates AWS security solutions paired with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) capabilities and Booz Allen-developed products. VCD is thoughtfully designed to meet a broad range of client needs, as well as commercial, military and Federal Government requirements. The suite leverages tools such as AWS EC2 Services with EBS, AWS Direct Connect, and AWS Cloud HSM to provide the complementary security controls that organizations need to securely deploy applications in the cloud. Additionally, expert Booz Allen teams deploy AWS security solutions like CloudFormation and CloudTrail in order to maintain the highest level security throughout the entire cloud migration process, allowing organizations to take full opportunity of the cloud with confidence that their data is secure.

The links below showcase our AWS Security Partnership in action.

Booz Allen/AWS DevOps Use Cases

The links below contain case studies showcasing our unique AWS DevOps partnership in action:

Our AWS Partnership in Action

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Booz Allen DevOps Capabilities

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