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Summary Report: Directed Energy Summit 2016

Directed Energy Summit 2016 focused on how to operationalize directed energy (DE) capabilities and transition them onto platforms and into the hands of the warfighter.

Unlocking Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing 4.0

This webinar, discusses the transformative shifts created by Manufacturing 4.0, and the convergence of physical and virtual worlds.

Tech Trends 2016

Booz Allen forecasts hottest technology trends that will dominate business in 2016

The Internet of Things

The IoT looks to help organizations extend revenue opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation and the delivery of services.

Explore Data Science

Explore Data Science introduces common data science theory and techniques to help expand data science expertise.

Who Says Big Companies Can’t Innovate?

If you want to be known for something, you have to make the investments to prove it.

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National Data Science Bowl

Booz Allen and Kaggle sponsored the first-ever National Data Science Bowl, a competition that uses data science techniques to take on a global challenge. 

The ENVOI Articles Mobile App

A bi-annual collection of stories that represent original thinking and applied innovations.


The VAMPIRE™ handheld conducts real-time analysis in the field, performing fast, accurate, on-site latent and live fingerprint identification and matching analysis.


The Field Guide to Data Science

Whether you’re an IT executive, skilled analytics practitioner, or data science novice, the Field Guide to Data Science contains the insights you need.

A Data-Centric Approach to Security in the Cloud

An approach to security in the cloud that maintains optimal, functional, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Next Level Third Party Risk Management

The case for an integrated approach to managing third party risk.

Business Insights: 5 Things About Network Segmentation And Segregation

Best practices and considerations in network segmentation and segregation.

How to Succeed at Real World Data Analytics

This article describes five simple rules for building a successful RWD capability.

Creating a Big Data Analytics Strategy

Learn how orgsnizations can increase their potential to capture the value of big data.

When Machinery Gets Smart

With increasing “smart” technology, connectivity across the industrial ecosystem will soon be ubiquitous and seamless.