High-Tech Manufacturing

As technology advances and the demand for cutting-edge, connected products increases, the traditional boundaries between consumer products and manufacturing are blurring. While this convergence presents security and transformation challenges for long-standing industries, it also creates new opportunities: connected products offer new revenue streams.

At Booz Allen Commercial Solutions, we pair cross-industry perspective with deep functional expertise to help you realize market opportunity and mitigate business risk. We re-imagine your market landscape and anticipate the technological relationships of the future, giving you the guidance to act decisively and reap the benefits of forward thinking. With our innovative approach to consulting, we help you solve your most complex problems by combining technology and human expertise in:


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We empower you to own the industry transformation by capitalizing on the connected ecosystem, while managing risk across your enterprise.


We help you to enhance visibility into operations and increase security while navigating regulatory compliance.

Consumer Tech

We work with you to strengthen trusted relationships with customers to enhance the brand experience and make your business thrive.


Our solutions are tailored, integrated, and can be delivered end-to-end, enabling you to thrive.


From cyber security strategy to technical assessments, we offer a wide range of services to help clients align cyber capabilities to core business drivers and integrate solutions across their enterprise.


We deploy data scientists and domain experts, working in collaboration to harness and analyze internal and external datasets that help clients identify opportunities, manage risk, and solve their most complex business challenges.


With experience supporting the development of regulatory requirements, we provide a thorough understanding of current and anticipated requirements to inform compliance plans, testing (including at our Common Criteria labs), and remediation.


We take a multidisciplinary approach to address our client’s privacy management challenges, integrating policy, technology, cultural, and legal expertise to recommend and implement comprehensive privacy solutions.

Enterprise Resilience

By uniting often disparate preparedness activities, we deliver resilience services as part of a comprehensive framework that evaluates and enhances an organization’s ability to continue operations during crisis events.

Vendor Risk Management

Within a rapidly shifting technology and risk landscape, we apply industry-leading vendor-agnostic evaluations to carefully identify, prioritize, and manage risk at critical supply chain decision points.

Program Management

We combine industry best practices with proven experience and a deep understanding of our clients’ operating environments to deliver high-performing programs in the most challenging environments.


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