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100 Years of Character

Genuine core values are timeless. For 100 years, Booz Allen Hamilton has embraced the core consulting values penned by our founding partner, Edwin Booz:

  • Start with character, intelligence, and industry
  • Daily – think right, act right, eat right, sleep right, work right, and play right
  • Know your own blind spots
  • Always be willing to listen and to help worthy young people
  • Require character, intelligence, and “hard work” as the starting foundation in selecting people
  • Pick the cream of the crop for your partners
  • Fear not the future, nor people

Start with Character and Fear Not the Future

In 2014, as we celebrated our historic 100th year in business – and now, in our “second century -- these characteristics remain constant in our continued delivery of expert strategy, technology, and engineering services. In celebration of our centennial year, we commemorated this rare milestone through shared stories of our legacy, vision for the future, and sponsorships with leading institutions.

Our heritage, culture, and exceptional people are an enduring testament to a 100-year-old institution that is still driven by the same values that were core to its founding. Edwin Booz said it best: Start with character… and fear not the future. Here’s to another 100 years.


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